Pure laparoscopic formal right hepatectomy versus anatomical posterosuperior segmental resections: a comparative study

Maaike Vierstraete, Roberto Montalti, Francesca Tozzi, Giammauro Berardi, Mariano Cesare Giglio, Federico Tomassini, Mohammad Ghiasloo, Giovanni Domenico De Palma, Roberto Ivan Troisi


Background: To analyze the differences in perioperative outcomes between laparoscopic formal right hepatectomies (RH) and laparoscopic anatomical posterosuperior (PS) resections, including segmentectomies in PS segment SVII and right posterior sectionectomies (segment VI and VII resection).
Methods: A retrospective analysis of all patients undergoing laparoscopic formal RHs and anatomical PS resections, including segmentectomies in PS segment SVII and right posterior sectionectomies (segment VI and VII resection), between January 2010 and August 2017 was performed. The two groups were compared in terms of patients’ characteristics, intraoperative parameters, and short-term outcomes.
Results: Sixty-eight patients were included of which 32 RHs and 36 anatomical PS resections. In the PS resection group, 18 had a segmentectomy of segment VII and 18 had a bisegmentectomy of both segments VI and VII. Patients’ preoperative data were comparable. The lesion size was higher in the RHs (P<0.001). A significant shorter operative time was found in the PS group: 280 [230–315] vs. 357 [300–463] min in the RH group (P<0.001). Blood loss was comparable: 520 [390–906] in the RHs vs. 560 [370–1,030] in the PS group (P=0.595). The overall morbidity rate was comparable being 25% in the RHs and 22.2% in the PS group (P=1.000). A longer length of stay (LOS) {7 [5–8] vs. 5 [4–7] days, P=0.012} and higher readmission rate (12.5% vs. 0%, P=0.044) was observed in the RHs compared to the PS cohort. Concerning surgical margins, the R0 rate was comparable in the two groups; 90.9% in the RHs vs. 95.2% in the PS group (P=1.000).
Conclusions: When deemed feasible based on lesion position and size, the laparoscopic parenchyma-preserving approach using anatomical PS segmental resections is associated with shorter hospital stay and a lower readmission rate in respect to formal RH. Overall, short-term surgical parameters indicated that both procedures are safe and feasible in experienced hands, however both demand a great deal of technical expertise.