History of laparoscopic hepatectomy in donor

Mizelle D’Silva, Jai Young Cho, Ho-Seong Han, Yoo-Seok Yoon, Young Rok Choi, Jun Suh Lee, Boram Lee, Junyub Kim


Laparoscopy in the field of liver resection is slowly gaining ground in recent times, from resection of small tumor’s in anterior segments to left lateral sectionectomy for pediatric liver transplant. With the advent of laparoscopy in major hepatic resections, it has now been adopted for adult living donor transplantation. The initial criticism regarding graft patency and donor safety are being countered especially by South Asian centers performing increasing number of laparoscopic donor right hepatectomy with results similar to open procedures. However, due to technical difficulties and donor safety being principal, it is recommended only in centers with expertise in both laparoscopic liver resection (LLR) and open live donor liver transplant. Supervised training under experienced mentors is required in order that the donor is able to benefit from the advantages laparoscopy has to offer.