Quirino Lai

Starzl Unit of Abdominal Transplantation, University Hospitals Saint Luc, Université catholique Louvain, Brussels, Belgium

Dr. Quirino Lai graduated magna cum laude in Medicine in 2005. He finished his post-graduation course in General Surgery in 2011 and his PhD in 2015. During his period of formation, Dr. Lai worked in prestigious transplant centers like La Sapienza Univesrity of Rome, Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong and UCL Brussels. After his graduation, Dr. Lai worked in Saint Luc Hospital UCL Brussels, Transplant Unit of Pisa and L'Aquila, Italy. From 2017, he reached the position of Senior Lecturer at La Sapienza University of Rome. Dr. Lai published approximately 200 papers, the great majority of whom published in indexed journals. His fields of expertise are hepatocellular cancer, liver and kidney transplantation. During his career, Dr. Lai received several prizes: among them, the ESOT Travel Stay, the ILTS Scholarship and the Euroransplant Award.