Joseph F. Buell, MD, MBA, FACS

Department of Surgery, Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA; Department of Surgery, New Orleans Children's Hospital, LSU Medical Systems, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Dr. Buell is a Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics at Tulane University in New Orleans with clinical interests transplantation, hepatobiliary surgery, and complex abdominal wall reconstruction. His translational research has been in cell free DNA expression, pharmacologic, tissue platform and device development. His fields of interests are in value based healthcare delivery particularly surrounding patient navigation, application of compliance software, and simulation in health care disparity, medical economics, medical systems development.

Dr. Buell received his undergraduate from Fordham University in New York City and subsequently earned his medical degree from the University of Rochester, and a Masters of Business Administration from Tulane University in Strategic Management. Dr. Buell completed his general surgery residency at the University of Maryland and subsequently completed two fellowships, the first in surgical oncology at the National Cancer Center, National Institutes of Health and the second his multi-organ transplant and hepatobiliary fellowship at the University of Chicago. Dr. Buell has received numerous awards and fellowships including young Investigator awards from the ASTS and ILTS as well as the Dr. Leak American Cancer Society Fellowship. Dr. Buell was trained as a basic scientist at the National Institutes of Health with research in the molecular mechanisms of DNA platination and alterations in snip gene transcription. Dr. Buell has been continuously funded through multiple society as well as the NIH, NOR, and AHA.

Dr. Buell subsequently pioneered the field of laparoscopic liver surgery has become a thought leader in device development, clinical trials and translational research. Since his arrival in New Orleans he has worked extensively in patient navigation, and understanding the underpinnings of racial disparity. Dr. Buell with his collaborator Dr. Friedlander have worked through a Faith based platform interacting with local ministers of the Ninth Ward to address systemic, regional and national racial disparity to provide improved healthcare while minimizing healthcare costs in to the most financially disparate populations. This has led Dr. Buell to become a bio innovational pioneer developing new cfDNA methods to monitor cancer and transplant patients, use PDX and organoid modeling to speed drug development and refine effective new bio platforms for complex reconstruction.